***TRAFFIC ALERT*** ***AURORA*** // October 29,2013

Northbound Road Closure on Airport Boulevard for East Rail Line Construction

Denver, Oct. 29, 2013 – Beginning as early as Nov. 2, 2013*, the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) contractor for the East Rail Line, Denver Transit Partners (DTP), will begin to install bridge piers on Airport Boulevard as part of the I-70 Flyover Bridge. A northbound full road closure of Airport Boulevard will occur between Smith Road and 32
nd Avenue. Southbound Denver International Airport Boulevard will remain open to traffic. Work is scheduled to be completed within seven days.

*Please note that construction schedules are subject to change.

Please comply with posted detour signs. Thank you for your cooperation.

This work is part of the RTD FasTracks East Rail Line, which is the commuter train to DIA. For additional construction information, please contact the DTP Public Information Team at 303-861-6931 . For after-hour emergencies, please call 1-855-EAGLE P3 (324-5373). For online project information including current construction and traffic detours, go to:
UPDATE:  WE WON.  Have been following the updates done by the two counties that District G covers and the margin of vote count victory has been steadily widening since election night.  I would like to thank all voters, even those that didn’t vote for me, that took the time to exercise your constitutional right to vote. I will work diligently towards serving all in the District.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions or concerns.

I will be given email after being sworn in on January 8th. RTD Board information is


I just got an amazingly wonderful call from a voter who was pondering over who to vote for with her mail ballot laid out before her. She was wondering what party affiliation the two candidates were and was searching the web to find out some information when she received a robo-call. She said she doesn’t normally listen to these, but when it was from the Mayor of Parker endorsing me for RTD, she was “just” staring at my name. Call it fate, excellent timing or whatever, but she not only voted for me, she also took the time to call and tell me her story. I am still glowing inside from this lovely story from a concerned voter. Thank you for sharing and making it a truly wonderful day and campaign. (Gary Lasater / Oct. 23rd)


Great NEWS!!! On the Lasater Campaign front, at the State lottery drawing for position on the November general ballot on Monday August 27th, I won TOP SPOT – Yay!!! For those in the Lone Tree, Northern Douglas County, Parker, Foxfield, Chenango, Chaparral, South Centennial (south of Arapahoe Rd.), Greenwood Village (south) and SE Aurora areas, remember -

Check you November General election ballot for RTD District G, your number one selection should be your choice.  Vote Gary for RTD – District “G” – He CARES !!!

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Dear Friends and Neighbors:

THANK YOU for allowing me to serve the community in and around Parker for the last 16+ years as your Mayor and Councilmember.  Now I want to represent our District on the RTD Board to look at protecting existing services and work on ways to expand service to our youth and seniors with better Call and Ride coverage.  I will work to have meetings throughout all the District to find out what your needs and thoughts are.

Since April 1996 , I was honored to be elected to serve one of the fastest growing communities in the nation and have seen it go through many positive changes. When I started serving this community as Mayor in April of 1996, I formulated my C.A.R.E.S. program. Today that program has set an evolving foundation. I ask you to allow me to continue these tasks to help in making the Regional Transportation District (RTD) “G” a place we all can have pride in living, working, playing and commuting in.

We have one of the best regions and people in all of Colorado and the world. In helping to keep this region the best it can be, I have continued to carry my vision and hopes for District G’s future and it can be summarized in my C.A.R.E.S. 2013 program:

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